First post!

Like most people at this time of year, I am composing a list of New Year’s resolutions – I already have a head start on some – learning to swim, losing some weight, improving my flexibility through regular stretching……but now it is time to decide to do some things to improve my creativity. 2006 wasn’t a great year for creativity – work and life got in the way. I am determined that 2007 will be more productive, and part of that is starting a blog. I enjoy reading other peoples’ and seeing their work – I hope others will enjoy mine. Having a blog will create a discipline to actually DO things, so I will have something to post – at least that’s the theory!

Here is a postcard I made earlier this year, one of the first things I made on my embellisher, and finished off with FME, a few beads and a piece of oyster shell, from my favourite place – Wagonga inlet, on the south coast of New South Wales, at Narooma. We are planning on retiring there in three years – can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “First post!”

  1. Hi Hillary – thanks for commenting on my blog and joining in on the TAST challenge -I know your name and we have possibly met but drop me an email since we both live in Canberra – perhaps get together for coffee? Meet in Civic somewhere?

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