Hedebo stick and ring

Well of course as soon as I mentioned Hedebo sticks I just had to go off and find the one my husband made. This was his first attempt, and actually, it isn’t quite right. The rebate, or depth of the ridges (or whatever the proper technical term is) isn’t deep enough, so the rings slide off. Although once he understood what the problem was he duly went back to The Shed and made one exactly right – except I haven’t got that one, as I gave it to my friend Annette who started this all off in the first place, wanting to make Hedebo daffodils. This one is 13cm long.
I used the very bottom of the stick where it widens out to the handle to make this ring. I haven’t quite got it right where I ended off (at about 9 o’clock) – maybe I needed one more stitch, or maybe the tension where I started and finished isn’t quite right. This is 1.7cm across (1.1cm across the inside)

I think these little guys have potential, especially combined with machine stitched rings using the Flower Stitcher foot , and maybe some free form rings stitched on Romeo – I think I will file that thought away in my ‘things to explore further’ file. I know what I can call the finished piece – going around in circles – although I am more inclined to go off on tangents- hmmm, I think I see a theme emerging for my 2007 Journal Quilts – the first of which I haven’t made yet, but I have until 31 January, and I hate to waste a good deadline!

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