TAST week 2 – Buttonhole/blanket stitch

Here is my little piece for week 2. Pre-felts embellished onto some upholstery fabric, blanket stitched with three strands of Wildflowers variegated silk thread. I had an offline discussion with Sharon B about the difference between buttonhole and blanket stitch. According to some traditions there isn’t any, but to others, there is. This link illustrates it quite well.

Right at the end of the post it mentions Hedebo embroidery. For more info on that, check here
I think I took a lesson in this once – it is very precise (read, tedious!), so naturally, I didn’t get very far with it. But a friend of mine was interested in the potential of those little rings, so my husband, who is a woodworker, made her a ring stick like the one illustrated and she made beautiful little 3-D flowers using the end of the stick to fashion little ‘cups’ which became daffodils – unfortunately she doesn’t have a blog (in fact, she does’t have a computer!), so I can’t show you.

I hope to get a couple of other pieces done later today, but at least I have done something!
BTW I have found upholstery samples to be a good source of backgrounds to embellish on, using my Janome Xpressions – I can pick up big bags of samples from the local furnishings store for a couple of dollars. This one is that sort of faux velvet stuff used in upholstery – the sample pack had a whole range of colours, sort of like a colour wheel, with at least six different shades of green and the pieces are about A4 size, so quite useful.

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