January journal quilt

One of my new year’s resolutions was to make a journal quilt each month. I had intended a different theme altogether for January – but somehow, this is what emerged – and is probably a good record of how I spent my spare time this month – organising my stash and marvelling at how much I have accumulated – Where did all this stuff come from, indeed!

I have started organising my patchwork fabrics and have been slicing most up into 2 1/2 inch strips so I can turn out a variety of interesting scrap quilts for charity, and also just because scrap quilts are my favourite – why only use half a dozen fabrics when you can use hundreds? I love scrap quilts.

Anyway – all this slicing and dicing produced a pile of selvedge edges and combined with my musings while I was working – voila – January’s journal quilt. I now have to make a little companian piece – part of my resolution was to make a postcard size piece to send to my good friend Gay in North Carolina, so she didn’t just see what I had done on the net, but also had a little piece to hold as well – so that is tomorrow’s project – except I have to go back to work tomorrow, after a four day weekend! Still, a postcard won’t take long, and I still have a lot of those selvedge edges left. Unfortuntely, I don’t have another one of those cute miniature rotary cutter pins – damn, I’ll have to think of something else special to include – I think I have an idea – watch this space!

One thought on “January journal quilt”

  1. Hello there thankyou for your lovely funny message it made me and my girls smile and laugh ~ in Bakewell they are called Bakewell Puddings ~ there, Bakewell Tarts are those girls who like to have a ‘good time’ hehehehe !!! But there is a well known confectioner baker who sells them as tarts, have you been to Bakewell ~ its so lovely. Anyway Im going on and on here ~ just looked at all your work its really fabulous and you are very talented love your journal quilt too ~ see you again ~ Jude xxx

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