Microwave dyeing silk – aren’t these yummy?

I came across a post about dyeing silk in the microwave
and remembered that I had a selection of silk dyes that I got at a workshop, but never did anything with them as I realised I had to do some sort of complicated (so it seemed) steam setting process – so that was the end of that. Then I found out you can do it in your microwave! So, I pulled out my silk dyes and a roll of 4mm white silk ribbon I bought years ago – I think with the thought that I would dye my own colours – and off I went – what fun.
Here are the results of some playing yesterday. I just randomly played, but as I got into it, started really thinking about and trying to apply colour theory to mix colours and create complements.
I am definitely going to do more of this – it was quite addictive. I will send some to the first three people who respond to this post – I don’t actually do much silk ribbon embroidery anymore, so won’t actually use it myself – I just enjoyed creating it!

3 thoughts on “Microwave dyeing silk – aren’t these yummy?”

  1. Hi Hilary,I love your silk ribbons. I don’t do silk ribbon embroidery but each time I go into a craft shop I am immediately drawn to them and sometimes I even buy because just they are so beautidul. I do have a suggestion for you, why not try them with your embellisher, I think they might be rather gorgeous.Cheers Helen

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