I’m Back!

We had a wonderful, relaxing two weeks down at Dalmeny, near Narooma on the South Coast of NSW, about three hours from Canberra. We will be retiring there in a couple of years, and every visit down there it gets harder to leave and come back here to the real world – as in work!

This is a photo we took on one of our morning walks, looking south along Yabarra beach. If you look carefully, there is a group of houses just about the centre of the photo, slightly to the right. Our house is the last one visible on the right of that group. You might have to click to enlarge.

Every day I went for a walk along the three beaches opposite our place – Yabarra, Duesbuerys and Kianga – it is about one and a half hours round trip at a leisurely pace. Here are some photos I took one day.

They could be useful as inspiration for some embroidery.

I also took my embellisher so I could play – here is a piece I did by creating a grid of hand dyed woollen yarn then embellishing it onto hand dyed cheesecloth with a very fine layer of merine felted in. I think I wet felted it all too, when it was done – I actually can’t remember now! It looks a bit washed out in the photo – the colours are quite soft, but not that bland in real life!
I did a bit of hand stitching, and also knitted some slips to use with the embellisher. Other than that, I read a lot, walked a great deal and imagined when I would be doing that every day, not just for a couple of weeks a year – roll on retirement! I am constanty amazed at the number of people who ask won’t I get bored? It doesn’t matter how emphatic my “NO” is, they still look at me knowingly, as though to say, oh you don’t think so now, but just wait until you have been retired a couple of years!