Fabric dyeing and TAST

For years I vowed never to get into fabric dyeing – way too messy – I could see myself splattering stuff everywhere – I have always found the concept of being creative whilst remaining tidy too bizarre for words. However, I recently relented and invested in some Procion dyes. I got some undyed yarns from here. And then I had a play! This photo is a little dark, but I dyed some cotton and some scrim/cheesecloth and a few different yarns.

And here is what I have started making. I embellished the cheesecloth onto some dyed cotton, with a thin layer of dyed merino between – I texturised it quite a bit, embellishing from both front and back – I like the way the little cheesecloth loops come through to the front – then I used some of my coordinating threads to do some of the TAST stitches. I bought a spray of fake flowers (why do they call them silk flowers – who are they kidding?) and pulled them apart – they were white, so I painted them with some Setacolour paints and have embellished them in the centre to hold them down – but the petals stand proud of the base. They aren’t very firmly attached – they will need some french knots/beads in the centres.
Obviously this is still a work in progess – needs a lot more stitching – but its a start. And I am quite addicted to dyeing stuff!
The Texere order was shipped promptly, although postage from UK to Australia was a bit steep. Does anyone know of a supplier of undyed yarn closer to home?

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