A bit more play

I painted up some lutradur (the heavyweight one), then cut it into strips, using my woodburning tool. While I was in a pyromaniac mood, I pulled out some sheers, laces and other synthetic stuff and sliced them up using the tool. Then I pondered what to do with these bits, and found some good background fabric in my stash. Then I remembered that I had some black Misty Fuse, which hadn’t been opened, so bonded that to the background fabric, laid out the bits and pieces, fused it down, then put the whole thing on a piece of felt for stability and machined it. I had thought about adding some foiling at the end, but decided that some of the fabrics were already glitzy enough. Instead, I embellished some yarn on the surface to see how the embellisher felt about lutradur and other stuff – didn’t seem to mind.

8 thoughts on “A bit more play”

  1. Hi Hilary – Just read several of your posts – your work is fabulous and I love all your lutradur experiments. I am not very good following instructions either – I always think of something else I want to try right then! The last piece would make terrific fibre postcards.

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