More lutradur and lace

This one I actually followed the instructions! Stitched down the cheesecloth and lace motif in white cotton thread. Painted with various types of paint, then (oh alright, this bit wasn’t in the instructions), zapped with the heat gun. It still resisted a lot because of the paint, but I did get some distressing and curling around the edges, and a little hole above and to the left of the flower. I have another idea I will try today of doing some stitching as a resist, zapping, then painting – aiming for holes!

The reason I am thinking about holes is that I am off for four days of workshops next weekend, to the Quiltingindulgence Festival at Mittagong. I am doing a two day class with Sue Dennis called ‘Wholly holes”, and a two day workshop with Fiona Wright on nuno felting – can’t wait! Can’t post a link to Sue Dennis website, it has been down for a couple of days. I think we are going to do lots of machine stitching on water solubles, which will be fun, but I think I’ll take some other stuff to stitch onto as well, like lutradur and tyvek and other things that I can ‘dissolove’ with the heat gun. I am afraid I am not a very obedient student – I tend to wander off and do what I feel like, rather than what the teacher says – might have to wait till I get back to the motel at night to do the heat gun zapping – don’t want to be disruptive!

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