Home again

Actually, we have been home for a week now. Had a lovely time down at the coast – saw a lot of migrating humpback whales. Oct/Nov is the prime time to see them as they head down the east coast of Australia from their breeding grounds in Hervey Bay, in Qld, to the cold, and food rich waters of Antarctica to feed over the summer. They come in close during the southern migration, so the mothers can help the calfves learn the route (apparently). Anyway, it makes seeing them up close easy. Some spectacular displays of tail slapping and complete breaching, where they hurl themselves completely out of the water and land with a huge splash – forty tonnes of whale makes a big splash!

Got some handwork done, but not a huge amount. I did, however, get a quilt finished – this has been waiting for its binding since June (this year!), which given my track record for bindings, is pretty damn quick (see previous post). Here it is

This is for a baby boy born to a friend of mine. His big sister has a similarly colourful quilt, so thought I’d better keep up the tradition for number 2. I used the bricks and stepping stones pattern from here. Good reference for scrap quilt patterns (I only make scrap quilts – can’t imagine making a whole quilt with only two or three fabrics – I’d die of boredom – quite apart from which I doubt I have enough of any one fabric to use it over and over in the one quilt).

Had lots of lovely rain last night. Very windy today, which is why the photo is a bit wonky – pegged the quilt to the trust Hills hoist, and tried to get snaps in between gusts. Wouldn’t do for a quilt show entry, but okay for the blog! Speaking of quilt shows, good to see some Aussies winning in Houston.

One thought on “Home again”

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