It’s beginning to look a lot like…..

Christmas! In my family, from when I was a little girl, the Christmas tree gets put up on the weekend before my birthday – so, here it is. Step 1: Assemble tree, adding lights as you go, so you can get them right into the centre of the tree, not just looped around the outside.
Then add strings of beads and a wide, wire edged ribbon
then the candles in their little holders
Here is a close up of thoseWe never actually light these, of course! although we did know some crazy Canadians once who used to light theirs – and on a real pine tree – just for a few minutes each Christmas eve, then turn off all the lights in the house to appreciate it. Given that Christmas is right in the middle of our bushfire season, I don’t think any Ozzies should try that at home!
Next come the decorations – a host of heavenly angels to keep watch over us
Then come the precious handmade ornaments from dear friends and my mother
And finally, a star to light the way.
And here it is all finished

One thought on “It’s beginning to look a lot like…..”

  1. Now that’s some Christmas tree Hilary and I love the Angels but what I love most of all are the handmade decorations.We shall both rest on our laurels as we have magnificent Christmas trees.

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