Off to Melbourne tomorrow

Tomorrow is my birthday, and, even better, the day our youngest daughter graduates from RMIT. She has been studying photography – check out her website here – not bad for a 20 year old who upped and moved away from home at 18 – a thoroughly indepedent Miss — and if you live in Melbourne and want someone with personality plus to photograph your kids, pets or wedding – give her a call.
My favourite part of my birthday is my telephone call from my dear friend Gay, – we became firm friends fifteen years ago (OMG – can it be that long?) when my family was living in Virginia for three years while my husband was with the Aust embassy. Gay and her husband have now retired to North Carolina. And speaking of Gay, here are a couple of gorgeous postcards she made for me

At the beginning of the year we made a pact that we would make a journal quilt each month, then make a postcard size interpretation of it to exchange with each other. Oh dear – I only managed one (January), and Gay managed two (Jan and Feb). What happened? I do think one of my big problems is simply DOING stuff. I spend too much time thinking about it first, and then run out of time to DO.
For my birthday present, I have signed up to do Liz Berg’s online course on the Elements and Principles of design. I love Liz’s work, and she had a series of great articles on design in QA a while back.
I also love Melody Johnson work at Fibermania . Check out her great tutorial on making stacked, fused quilts. This looks like more fun that should be legal. I plan on giving this a go over the Christmas/New Year break.
And finally, I am not having much luck with my Pay it forward challenge. It is gratifying to find that other people do actually read my blog – thank you, but worrying that they don’t want to put their name down to participate. Trouble is, I feel an obligation now to PIF – I have in my hands a lovely gift from Gunnel, and the deal was that I pass it on – if no-one signs up, how can I? If you are worried about over committing, think of this – the deal is that if you sign up, I have up to 365 days to send you something – and it follows that you then have up to 365 days from receipt to PIF – that gives a window of opportunity of up to 2 years!! Surely you can find time to do something – and you don’t even have to make something specially – it can be something you already made! So come on guys, help me out here and let me salve my conscience by signing up so I now longer feel I am in debt. If that doesn’t work, I guess I will just have to send Gunnel something back, so I don’t feel guilty anymore!
And speaking of Gunnel – check out the cool stamps that came on her envelope! Those Swedes have got it right – hot chocolate with cream and …more chocolate – with cream – what a civilised country!


1 thought on “Off to Melbourne tomorrow”

  1. I am glad you like the stamps! I use to look a little bit extra on stamps, and always collect they I like, especielly from aboard,sometimes they are like small pieces of art! this spring I did a serie with ATC with a stamps on each, and I called them for “greatings from Sweden”, they was very fun to do, and I traided them all very quickly!

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