Back from Melbourne

Here is Clare, the proud graduand with her Dad (the rusty fish maker). I have to say the ceremony was horrendous – they graduated the whole university and TAFE in one mega-ceremony at the Telstra dome – 30,000 people were there, it was ghastly – completely lacked the intimacy and appeal of other graduation ceremonies I have attended. But never mind, she was one happy little girl and as soon as she got her award we got the hell out of there as we had already been there three hours at that stage and the end wasn’t anywhere in sight.

The next day we visited St Patrick’s cathedral in Melbourne – a great gothic building in the centre of the city – Clare and her fiancee Luke are getting married there in just over a year. Very impressive.

Then the next day we spent the whole day at the Melbourne Museum – I hadn’t been before, and was very impressed. Lots of really interesting exhibits. As soon as we walked in the door we saw this – a giant, non-rusty fish! Apparently these were part of the opening (or maybe closing) ceremony for the Commonwealth games held in Melbourne last year.

We also saw this interesting collection of various types of barbed wire

I had no idea it came in so many varieties – wouldn’t these make a great inspiration for interpreting in stitches? If you have been following TAST on Sharron B’s blog, you could try applying some of your new found skills to these!
Couldn’t resist a photo of this – some wag at the Museum decided to get the pet dinasour into a festive mood!

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