Sharon Bs 2008 challenge

I am sure many of you (however many that is) follow Sharon B’s blog and participated in TAST. I signed up for TAST this time last year but only lasted two weeks – I just couldn’t keep up (refer to previous post about not having enough time – and whining about it!). Anyway, I decided not to actually sign up for the new one, as I didn’t want to be a repeat offender (although I had every intention of checking it out regularly). So imagine my surprise when I checked out her blog (thanks to my friend Gay, who reminded me it started today) to find that this month’s double barrelled challenge is to explore the idea of admiration of another – who do you admire, and why? and/or a colour challenge.
Check out my last post – aren’t I amazing! While not actually having signed up for the challenge I managed to complete and post a piece on that very theme, using that very colour scheme, and all before Sharon even announced it – now, for my next trick………………….!!!

4 thoughts on “Sharon Bs 2008 challenge”

  1. I feel better, Hilary – I think I managed about 12 weeks of TAST… But I didn’t sign up for this one – too many things, too little time! I will follow it with interest, though.

  2. I’m signed up, and even though you aren’t, I’m glad to have found your blog. And yes, this is very spooky. . .although things like this seem to happen to me every once in a while also. It is eerie!

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