More on lines

After my last post, and mentioning Dianne Firth, I have been thinking about other quilters who predominantly use lines in their work. Here are a few examples of ones I know about.
Nellie Durand her lake series is a good example of lines (strips of fabric) magically blended together by the addition of quilting lines. If you have ever doubted the transformative effect of quilting, look at her before and after pictures of her lake pieces.
Judy Turner – Judy is a Canberra based quilter – unfortunately she doesn’t have a website, and I could find very few images of her work on the web. She is mainly known for her use of colour – she was one of the very early practitioners of ‘colourwash’ style quilts. But my favourites are the pieces she makes from couched woollen yarn. I could only find these on the web. But my absolute favourites are her landscapes/seascapes. I couldn’t find any images of those on the net, but I do have one from a postcard I purchased of her work at an exhibition some time ago.

And Lisa Call’s work.

I am sure there are lots more – send me some links of your favourites!

4 thoughts on “More on lines”

  1. I’m honored to have you recommend my quilted lake series as an example featuring lines. I use mostly scraps of the fabric and threads. The composition is built up spontaneously … the just laid down one suggesting my next choice.I just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading back through just about all of your postings. I’m pleased to have found you.

  2. Hi Hilary – Thanks for your comment on my blog. I couldn’t find any way to respond to you except by commenting here!! Thank you so much for referring me to Anne Stahl’s bog paintings – I love them! Plenty of inspiration there for fibre art. Are you going to get back to blogging – your blog looks interesting and I’d love to read more!

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