Bushfire quilts

I got the bindings on a couple of quilts for the Victorian bushfire survivors. The purple and green one is a big lap size, couch type quilt, and the other one is queen size. Now just have to check in with the southern cross quilters list about where to send them.
That is one of my very silly miniature schnauzers in the bottom photo.

Weekend away

We had a wonderfully relaxing long weekend away at the coast. The weather was perfect. Despite that, a small boat capsized as it was crossing the Bar at Narooma. The sailor seemed to walk away okay – at least he was able to walk to the ambulance. The boat was another matter. Here are some of the locals trying to recover it on the beach.

The next day we went for a walk and had a closer look. Hmm – don’t think that will be sailing the seven seas again. A graphic reminder of how powerful the sea can be – even in seemingly benign weather.
This little one just seems to have decided to lie down and age gracefully on the shores of Lake Mummaga.

My mind is very much on the sea at the moment. One of the reasons we went down was to check out our place – this is the current house – perfectly horrible – an owner builder job from the early 1980s where everything was done on the cheap. It is being demolished in a few weeks to make way for our ‘retirement’ home. We did a walk through to see if there was anything at all worth salvaging – three CFL light globes! That’s it.

The outlook from the block of land is wonderful – that is our backyard in the foreground. We will be able to go asleep at night to the sound of the sea. There is something magical about that. We arrived late on Thursday night, after I had flown back from a work meeting in Sydney, tired and frazzled. Yet just walking on the sand and hearing the gentle, endless sussuration of the surf lulled me into a very mellow mood.

I love the textures and colours on this old boat shed, down on the flat at Narooma. It used to have a registration number on the side, but it appears to have fallen off into the mud flats somewhere.

For the past three or four years, the locals have been building a wonderful bike path along the foreshore and headlands from Dalmeny through Kianga to the Narooma boardwalk. Here is a picture of me whizzing down the path from Yabarra point. Our house is in the group in the centre of the photo, nestled among the spotted gums. (Click to enlarge)

On a quilting note, I have been finishing some bindings on quilts to donate to the Victorian bushfire families. I HATE doing bindings, which means I have a cupboard full of quilts that are all quilted, but just need bindings to finish (no, I am not joking!). I gather that they particularly want queen sized quilts for couples. I happen to have one, so that is in the process of being bound. I have a couple of smaller ones ready to go too. And a top that I am enlarging to make it QS. Trouble is, I have dismantled my home quilter as part of trying to get this house packed up and ready to sell, so not sure how I am going to get that top quilted and ready to go, but I will worry about that later. I will post pictures of the quilts as soon as they are done.

Couple more wedding photos

Couldn’t resist – the ‘official’ photos arrived yesterday. A family shot, and a lovely one of the bride and groom setting off together on their new life.

While we were in Melbourne I went to the Ian Potter gallery at Federation Square, to view the Rosalie Gascoigne exhibition. Her work features recycled materials, such as wood, corrugated iron and old pieces of lino.

Many of her pieces reminded me of quilts. This one reminded me of the colour wash style.

It is made from old bits of lino.

This one is very reminiscent of log cabin blocks.

and this series made me think of waggas. A very interesting exhibition, well worth a look. It is on until 15 March 2009.