another bushfire quilt

I got this little one quilted – my daughter saw it and sighed, and said it made her wish she was having a girl! Just need to bind it now (have I ever mentioned that I don’t like doing bindings?).

Because I have problems with my back and neck I have never been much good at machine quilting where you sit at the machine and move the quilt around – too much strain on my neck and shoulders. So a few years ago I invested in this home quilting set up and it was worth every penny – now at least I can get my quilts finished and with a minimum of stress and strain. I am thinking about upgrading – I would really like a stitch regulator.

I envy the Americans who have such a wonderful range of options to choose from – things are a bit more limited here, unfortunately, I suppose because it costs a lot to ship stuff to the ends of the earth!

The lemon meringue pie was a big hit!

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