A picture of innocence

The grandbaby was baptised on Sunday – here he is being held by godmother, Auntie Clare, with proud parents (and godfather) looking on.

He is wearing the family christening robe knitted by my mother – very fine, lacey wool. Jus as well, as Canberra (and much of the rest of SE Australia) was bloody freezing! Some spring weather.
His mum and aunties wore it before him – he is he first of the next generation.

The continuation of a family tradition.
That’s a good thing.

Making more progress

Another visit to the coast this weekend to check on progress. The roof is on and the windows are in, so it is starting to look more like a real house. We can get a good sense of the proportions now too – its very different looking at something as a drawing then seeing it in 3-D – that type of spatial thinking has never been my strong point. The first shot is from the street side, and the second is from the beach side.
Lengthy discussions with electrician and plumber on power points, switches, siting of the shower heads and the mechanics of wall hung toilets. I was quite exhausted at the end of the day!
Karl couldn’t resist setting up his telescope to check out the view – saw lots of humpbacks frolicking off on the horizon – the juveniles are still very far out, still a few weeks before the mums and calves start migrating close in to shore – then you can easily see them, and what a delight they are.
Just after we got home I got a call from daughter number 2 to look after Lincoln for an hour or so while she and Dad went to the gym, so I took the opportunity to take a snap – now three months old, and being baptised next weekend – should look angelic in the family heirloom christening gown.

I managed a little stitching on my octagon quilt blocks – must find out what the name of that pattern is.

Lots of progress

No posts for ages because we have been computer-less at home and it has been hectic getting the house ready for sale. It went on the market last week and sold straight away – yipee!!

We went down to the coast to check on the new house in mid August – couldn’t upload pictures before. Here is the view from our bedroom (click for larger picture).

We couldn’t resist setting up a couple of folding chairs and checking out the view from the living area. Since then the roof has gone on and the windows are in. We are going back down next weekend so will have more photos then.

Selling our existing house has been a big relief – we are exhausted with the effort of getting it ready,but well worth it. Now we will be sort of camping out while we are between houses, living in a one bedroom apartment in town during the week and going down to the coast at weekends. I managed to squirrel away a hand work project, which I thought I had inadvertently packed, but it turned up today, so I plan on doing some hand pieceing on a quilt I started earlier this year.