Hurry up and wait

The deck is now on – but no guard railing yet, so we didn’t venture too close to the edge.  The view is spectacular.

A girl can never have enough storage.  I had these shelves and cupboards built in downstairs against the back wall – space that otherwise wouldn’t be used for anything.  All my books will go here, plus any overflow from my sewing space – overflow??

Between out two last visits to the coast, they had a huge rain event that resulted in the shire being declared a natural disaster area – pretty ironic in a place where severe water restrictions are in place!  Roads, bridges and lots of other infrastructure was damaged when they got more than all of 2009’s rainfall in two or three days.  The good news is that our house stayed dry -so the builder obviously got the drainage right!  Although others, on low lying ground weren’t so lucky.  A huge amount of forest debris and litter was washed down the rivers and creeks into the sea, which is closed to swimming because of the health hazards.  The normally pristine waters are murky and tea-stained from all the eucalypt debris.  The usually clear, clean beaches look quite dirty and scruffy. 

It will eventually all settle down and go back too being clean and tidy – I guess its just mother nature at work, reforming and reshaping the landscape.  There is still beautiful texture to be found on my beach walks.
The title of my post refers to the frustration of waiting, when the house is so close to being finished!  The closer it gets the harder it is to wait.  There is a lot of concreting, path laying and driveway forming work to be down outside in the next two weeks – hopefully there won’t be anymore ‘rain events’ for a while!

One thought on “Hurry up and wait”

  1. We have just been to Tuross for 3 days and the beach front is horendous just like yours.The 2 lakes on either side of Tuross have carved a pathway to the sea and we didn't recognise the beach from 5 weeks ago.

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