Photos of progress

Finally got around to photographing my piecing progress.  I got the whole top together from all those half square triangles – it will have to go into the pile awaiting quilting.  I am not sure if I mentioned before, but our downstairs isn’t really finished, as they ran out of floor tiles – big drama, red faces, much embarassed foot shuffling – the next shipment is supposed to be arriving this week, so hopefully it will get finished soon – until then, I can’t set up my quilting frame.  I do have about six tops waiting to be quilted now – am quite looking forward to getting to them.
And yes, the picture is a bit wonky – I am still figuring out the best place to hang a quilt around here to photograph.  This was hung from an extendable line we put up on the beach side of the house, where it is always a bit breezy, so getting it to hang perfectly straight was a challenge.  I have since had a fold down washing line installed at the side of the house, which is where I hung the next top.  My builder will be pleased – he keopt grumbling that having laundry strung out at the back of the house (which is the side that faces to road and the beach) made it look like a gypsy encampment.  Yes, well,  the laundry had to dry somewhere!  The new fold down line is in a discreet, but sunny spot on the north side,where no-one but us can see the unmentionables flapping in the breeze.
When I finished the above top I opened another box and found some pink and green blocks which, I think, were left over from a couple of baby quilts I did for friends a while back.  So I pulled them out and added various width strips around the blocks to make them BIG – then cut them into fours and reassembled.  It still needs borders.  I really must brush up on my Photoshop skills and figure out how to fix these photos.  I’ll add that to my ‘to do’ list.
I have also been accumulating a satisfying pile of string blocks,well on their way to becoming a top.
I have had my fill of piecing for now – what I am really keen to do is get out my paints and mark making tools and have a play at printing, stamping otherwise making my mark on some of my hand dyed fabric .  That will be today’s play activity.  In preparation, I set a large tray of gelatine so I could do some gelatine plate printing, which I have been dying to try since getting Rayna’s book ages ago, but what with moving and everything being packed away, living in the apartment etc, I just haven’t had the chance to do – so, today is playday!!
I have been going for a bike ride every afternoon and really noticing things around town.  I took the camera yesterday – here are a few of the things that caught my eye.

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