Breakdown printing results, and, rust dyeing

Here is the result of the breakdown printing I did from the screen I prepared a couple of days ago.  I am somewhat underwhelmed by the outcome. 

This piece started at the drop cloth under the screen while it was drying.  Then I printed over it with the screen.  Again, fairly underwhelming.  I like the idea of this style of printing, and I have seen some wonderful examples -clearly it takes time and planning to get good results, although I also understand that part of the appeal is that you can’t plan too much, and there is a significant element of serendipity and surprise.  I guess right now, I am looking to focus on things that will help me produce the sort of work I have had in my head for a long time – and right now, this technique isn’t going to help me achieve that, so I am happy to put it aside.
I did however get to try another one of those ‘must give that a go sometime’ things – rust dyeing using iron sulphate, tannin and lye.  There is an excellent tutorial here, which I followed (more or less).  If you visit, follow the links to Lynda’s (Purple Missus) blog where she tried it too – lots of wonderful photos.
Here are my results
This piece started off as a failed early attempt at breakdown printing using thickened dye – just about anything would make this look better, so I had nothing to lose.
This was the hand dyed piece from yesterday that I monoprinted on from the last of the gelatin plate.  It was already dyed in blue/orange, so this treatment just enhanced those colours.
This piece started off as a traditionally rusted piece which was a bit eye-poppingly orange for my taste, and the contrast with the stark white background was too much.  I much prefer this version.
I need to go and buy a cheapo iron so I can iron this lot – I only have my good one here – the other one is in the apartment.
Tomorrow’s activity – some more rubber stamp carving, I think.

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