Oh dear what a bad blogger I have been!  Well at least I now have something to show you.  My sewing space is finally finished.  I have had a sewing table made for my sewing machine and embellisher.
The piece de resistance, however, is my mobile worktable.  I can store it away in my sewing room when we have visitors and the downstairs space is in use.  Or I can wheel it out and rotary cut or do whatever.  It is the same height as my kitchen bench and on big castors – it is easy to move about.  I have 24 spaces for baskets of ‘stuff’ – fabric, tools, you know – stuff.
I am in heaven!  Now that  I have my space sorted, I can concentrate on making things.  As the weather is warming up, I dedcided to get out the dye stuff again.  I tried breakdown printing earlier in the year, and was somewhat underwhelmed.  I decided to give it another go.  I think I had the thickened dye not thick enough.  I am much happier with this blue piece.  It needs more to turn it into something, but is a good start – I do like the organic look.
Here it is on the design wall (at last, I have a design wall again – I didn’t realise how much I missed having one until I had it back again!).  There are some other pieces of fabric that I have dyed/painted over the past few days, being auditioned with some commercially produced stuff.´╗┐
´╗┐Well that is a start to my resuming blogging.  I have lots of other stuff to show, and a story to tell about restocking my dye supplies.  But right now, I am hungry, so am going to take a lunch break.