image of a postcard showing Narooma buildings

I don’t actually live in Narooma, but about six kilometres away.  But Narooma is where I go to shop, visit the library, fuel up the car etc.  A lot of buildings have a distinctive roof line which has now been decreed by the council as being the preferred design for new buildings.

This postcard illustrates the style well.  I would credit the photographer and link to his/her website if I could – but unfortunately, that info is printed in the bottom left hand side, over an image of the marine rescue station, and is completely unreadable…hmmm.  UPDATE: I have since been advised that the photographer is Brett Thompson –

On my frequent bike rides around town I stop and photograph the many local signs for oysters, fish etc.  I created a little boat shed from hand dyed fabric, and made a thermofax screen from one of the local signs.

photo of small quilt showing Narooma boat shed with oyster sign

I have made several of these now and will load them up as I finish the quilting/facings.  They are quite addictive and a good way to experiment with layouts and techniques – including my machine quilting which has never been my strong point, and which I am determined to improve.  Practicing new stuff on a small scale makes it seem less challenging, don’t you think?


1 thought on “Narooma”

  1. Looks like you are getting ready to jump into retirement with both feet running. Love the new web site. Gay

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