Rediscovering treasures

I haven’t posted for a while, but that doesn’t mean I have been lounging around (although now that I am retired, I figure I can lounge to my heart’s content!).

No, actually I have been finalising my entries to the Canberra Quilters Exhibition which is on in August.  They will go off in the mail by the end of this week.  In addition to those two entries, I have been busily making things to sell in their Sales room.  Canberra Quilters is unique (I think), of the State and Territory quilt guilds which put their annual exhibition on in conjunction with Expertise Events, which runs the big annual craft shows, in that they have kept their own sales room.  We aren’t allowed to sell anything that competes with the vendors who pay (I understand) big bucks to have a stall at the show.  Nevertheless, the sales room turns over rather a large amount of money over four days selling very high quality hand crafted items.

I haven’t entered in years, but now that my time is my own, decided to revisit what used to be an annual event for me.  In the process I have rediscovered all my embroidery bits and pieces.  I was an embroiderer before I took up quilting, and taught smocking in Sydney in the early 1980s.  It has all been put aside for sometime and I have quite delighted in opening boxes and finding silk and ribbons and lace and bits and bobs.  There is something very calming about sitting with a nice cup of tea in the winter sun, enjoying the gentle rythym of stitching.

My re-awakened interest in embroidery led me to seek out a local embroidery guild, and I found a lovely group right on my door step, the Bodalla Embroiderers.  We meet fortnightly in a very old and extremely draughty hall in the main street – looking forward to summer when hopefully it will be a bit warmer!

On my first visit I took along a couple of my favourite embroidery books, one of which is Barbara Woolcock’s Embroidered Houses.  Severl of the ladies were very taken with it so I decided to see if I could find a copy for the library.

A bit of googling confirmed that, as I had thought, it was out of print, but a bit more googling took me to a wonderful website I hadn’t heard about before – Better World Books.

Not only did I find a copy of the book – in excellent condition – for only $10, but postage is free.  It arrived the other day and I am delighted.  And even better, the proceeds go towards literacy programs and other good works – so a win win!

I just checked their catalogue and even found a copy of Penny McMorris “Crazy Quilts” – a book much lusted after by crazy quilters which has been out of print for a long time, and which has been known to sell for hundreds of dollars on Ebay! and for just $14.98!

I’ll definitely be bookmarking this site.  Now back to tagging and cataloguing all my goodies for the sales room.