Getting ready for the exhibition

Next week is Canberra quilters annual exhibition.  For the first time in years I have had the time to enter something and make stuff to sell. The theme for the challenge this year is “Red plus 1” – as in one other colour.  As soon as I saw this I thought of the Keep Calm and Carry On posters.  So I made my own take on this.  I also used the theme to make some needlecases to sell, and I just remember I did a bunch of postcards, which I had better unearth from the piles of stuff in my studio and package up ready as well.

My Tiny Treasure entry was done on my embellisher.  I first distressed some synthetic organza stuff then arranged various yarns and stuff on a piece of really thin batting, then laid the distressed organza over that and ontop arranged some more yarns – then gave the whole thing another run under the embellisher to mesh it all together.  Then I did some hand and machine embroidery and sewed on some beads, shells and doodads.  I finished it with a facing.  It is 12 inches square.  Click on the image for a close up view.

There is always a section for handmade Christmas ornaments, so I made some little selvedge edge Christmas trees.  I don’t claim that this was an original idea, I Googled selvedge edge ideas and saw several similar, so decided to have a go.  Surprisingly, it took me about four goes to get an end product I was happy with in terms of finish and construction technique, but I got there in the end.

I still had some selvedges left so I made some needlecases too. I found I had lots of bits of selvedge with nothing printed on, so decided to print some of my own!  The tape measure strip on the foreground needlecase is a piece of plain selvedge I printed up using my tape measure thermofax screen.  I also used selvedge printed that way to make the tab closures – again, click for large image.

This pretty much used up my meagre store of selvedges, so I put out a call on my online quilt group to see if anyone had any they wanted to offload and several people kindly sent me some, so I can do some more playing.  I think a journal cover will be next, and I will definitely explore the idea of printing up some of my own.

The other thing that has kept me occupied is setting up a blog for the local quilting group  – Dalmeny Quilters.

Once the Canberra Exhibition is behind me I can clear the decks and start doing some of the other things on my to do list.  I am also waiting for warmer weather so that I can get out the dyes and wet stuff – its too darn cold for that at the moment.