Aussie Hero Quilts

I have been a bit quiet since just before the Canberra Quilters show, but that doesn’t mean I have been idle.  I keep hoping for the weather to warm up so I can get out my dyes and messy stuff, but it is still too cold.  At least the days are getting noticeably longer.

I am the newsletter editor for Canberra Quilters, and one of the articles I was asked to include for the September edition was about the Aussie Hero Quilt project.  I hadn’t heard of this before then.  Once I had finished putting the newsletter to bed, I looked into this and decided it was something I really wanted to do.

I am a former member of the ADF, as is my husband, who is also a Vietnam Veteran.  When he read the emails I had got from Jan-Maree, AHQ founder, and saw that I was going to make quilts for the project, he commented that he thought it was a really good thing to do.  Exactly.

So here are my first five quilts (click for larger image)

Aqua strippy

aqua strippy quiltSouthern cross on field of graduated blues

Scrappy strips

And my favourite – big strippy plaids

I also made half a dozen laundry bags, including four from recycled curtain fabric I picked up at St Vinnies.  This is one of the four.

And a couple more from different fabrics.

And finally, all the quilts need to have a label on them  using the particular wording that Jan Maree requests be used.  Apparently some people print these labels onto fabric direct from their printer.  As I have a thermofax, I decided to make a screen and screen print them

They are about A4 size.  One thing I learned from hand sewing five labels on, is in future, I will machine stitch the label to the backing before quilting – that way it gets quilted right into the quilt.

If anyone wants to make a quilt/quilts for this wonderful project, and would like one of these screen printed labels, just send me a stamped self addressed envelope and I will mail you one (or however many quilts you need them for).

My address is 30 Coastal Court DALMENY NSW 2546

This is a wonderful project and I am glad I found it – I hope everyone will get behind it.  If you aren’t in a position to make a quilt, consider a laundry bag, or even just one block.  Jan Maree runs a block of the month and you can contribute that way – go check out the blog.