Normal service is resumed

Hmm – it would seem there has been an unscheduled (and largely inexplicable) interruption to this blogging service.  Oh well, I’m back now.

My first year of retirement has just passed, and on the one hand, I don’t know where the time has gone – but OTOH, it has been a big adjustment.  As much as I planned, prepared for, anticipated and welcome retirement there is no escaping that it  is a major life change and it takes a while to adjust.  My biggest adjustment is having to manage my own time without the discipline of external influences to make me get things done in a certain timeframe.  I thrive on deadlines – the shorter the better – so when I don’t have any my time management skills are shot – in short – if I have all day to do something, that is how long it will take me!

Hmm, have some work to do to figure out how to manage that.

In the meantime, another major life event has occurred – the safe arrival of grandson #3.

Baby Max aged 6 days
Max Dowling Campbell aged 6 days

Here he is contemplating life on the quilt I made for his Mum when she was little.  Said Mum is clever photographer, Clare Metcalf.

Isn’t he deliciously cuddly looking?  Can’t wait for my first kisses and cuddles when we go to Melbourne in  couple of days.

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