SAQA Oceania collection and blog hop

my quilt "Private Property"
my quilt “Private Property”

One of my resolutions when I retired and had more time to do the things I wanted was to join SAQA.  Every ear they have a fund raiser involving small (12 inch square) quilts made by members.  I am paticipating for the first time this year with my little quilt “Private Property”.

All 425 donations can be viewed here.

The Oceania collection can be viewed here.

During July, August and September SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Oceania members will be sharing the creativity behind their Benefit Auction quilts.  Follow the Oceania Collection Blog Hop to get a peek into the work of each artist.  The blog hop kicks off on 16 July with Sue Dennis.

Come back and visit me on 2 September to read about the inspiration for this little quilt and the techniques used in making it.

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