If only they were always this angelic!
If only they were always this angelic!

Not much sewing happening at the moment as I am away visiting the new grandbaby and his family. Melbourne’s weather is rather depressing – cold, wet, windy. Took myself off yesterday for a small expedition while baby howled non-stop.  Happened upon the charming town of Gisborne, just off the Calder Hwy – it has a lovely patchwork shop – had a very calm, serene feel to it.

Also discovered that Gisborne has no fewer than 5 Op Shops so collected a few treasures.


And speaking of treasures, I just happened to be chatting to a friend of my daughters and somehow the subject of paper ephemera came up (as it does), and he mentioned that he has quite a collection.  He was kind enough to lend me an album full of WW1 era postcards to a young woman called Gwen who lived in Fairfield Victoria.  Most of them were sent to her from her brother and a friend who were serving in France.

I have scanned all these at high resolution and will be printing them onto fabric when I get home.


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