Collage workshop – Fibre Arts Ballarat

I have just returned from five enjoyable days studying paper collage under American artist Donna Watson.  Fabric is my medium, but I have become interested in the past couple of years in including paper with fabric.  In particular, I am enjoying exploring Japanese paper (washi – 和紙). When strengthened with konnyaku it can tolerate immersion dyeing.  This is my favourite piece from the five days. Donna is an excellent teacher – if you get a chance to study with her, I recommend it.Moonrise-collage


Playing with perspective

So I had a go at doing a cityscape with perspective.  Two-point perspective, to be precise. This required a crash course on 1, 2 and 3 point perspective, a quick practice using pencil, paper and an eraser (mostly the latter), then firing up Adobe Illustrator and wrangling with the perspective grid, which, once you figure out how it works, makes things fairly quick and easy – until that point, you are better of with pencil and paper.  Anyway, technically I am happy as the perspective is spot on. I even added windows, each of which has to be drawn separately, to get the correct perspective.

However, I made a number of design mistakes.  There isn’t enough contrast in the fabrics so the two buildings on the lower left merge into each other, and the windows on the big building on the left are barely visible.  I should have carried the buildings right to the edge of the picture frame, as now it looks like a small island floating in a green sea (which is NOT what I intended).  I also need to include more buildings, particularly in the background, to make it look more high density.  I also want to play around with the horizon line – I want to drop it much lower to get the feel of looking up at the buildings more.  Anyway, lots to be going on with.

The centre panel is 8 x 8 inches and I added border with a view to making a little 12 x 12 quilt, but as I don’t really like it I won’t bother finishing it off. It has served its purpose as a valuable learning exercise.

Fabric postcards

I am not even going to address the fact that I have been AWOL for a year.  Let’s just move on.  I decided to indulge myself on Mother’s Day by doing whatever the hell I felt like, and that turned out to be making some Cityscape fabric postcards.  These are quite addictive.


And here they are individually. I have never cared for the zig zag around the edge finish that most people do.  I always think it looks scruffy and unfinished, no matter how good the satin stitch is.

These are all 6 inches x 4 inches.  I think I will play with adding perspective for the next lot – have some ideas about how to do that.


Fabric postcards – landscapes

fabric postcard with thermofax trees

Searching through my fabric stash I came upon a small collection of SkyDye fabrics by Micky Lawler – I am pretty sure I bought these when I lived in the US – which is close to 20 years ago now!  Just as well fabric doesn’t go off.

With the addition of some thermofax trees and a little stitching, they make simple, but effective landscapes.

fabric postcard using hand painted fabric and thermofax screens

This one was inspired by the recent perigee moon.

fabric postcard showing perigee moon