Fabric postcards

I am not even going to address the fact that I have been AWOL for a year.  Let’s just move on.  I decided to indulge myself on Mother’s Day by doing whatever the hell I felt like, and that turned out to be making some Cityscape fabric postcards.  These are quite addictive.


And here they are individually. I have never cared for the zig zag around the edge finish that most people do.  I always think it looks scruffy and unfinished, no matter how good the satin stitch is.

These are all 6 inches x 4 inches.  I think I will play with adding perspective for the next lot – have some ideas about how to do that.



Where I live


One of the (many) pleasures of living here is watching the moon rise over the water. There is something magical about seeing the light glimmering on the surface of the sea. I took these photos last week.

Photo of the perigee moon seen from NSW south coast May 6 2012
Just over a year ago I captured the rise of the perigee moon which inspired this fabric postcard.  Thermofax printed tree, stencilled moon on hand dyed fabric.  I think I will have to make more of these.


Fabric postcards – landscapes

fabric postcard with thermofax trees

Searching through my fabric stash I came upon a small collection of SkyDye fabrics by Micky Lawler – I am pretty sure I bought these when I lived in the US – which is close to 20 years ago now!  Just as well fabric doesn’t go off.

With the addition of some thermofax trees and a little stitching, they make simple, but effective landscapes.

fabric postcard using hand painted fabric and thermofax screens

This one was inspired by the recent perigee moon.

fabric postcard showing perigee moon

Fabric Postcard

picture of fabric postcard with various surface design techniques









I really enjoy making fabric postcards.  You have nothing to lose when working small – and the payoff, when you get something you like, is an immediately useful little piece of art that you can keep in a folder for reference for making larger pieces, or you can use it by sending it to someone.  You can add stitching – by hand or machine – or not. What could be more personal?

This postcard is for a colleague at work who has been a great support to me when we had some difficult things to get done and we both felt like tearing our hair out.  She confided once that what she REALLY wanted to do was be a park ranger.  So my farewell gift to her is this little card.

I painted the fabric with paints,and sun-printed with gum leaves from my garden.  The quote and walking boots are from thermofax screens I made.