If only they were always this angelic!
If only they were always this angelic!

Not much sewing happening at the moment as I am away visiting the new grandbaby and his family. Melbourne’s weather is rather depressing – cold, wet, windy. Took myself off yesterday for a small expedition while baby howled non-stop.  Happened upon the charming town of Gisborne, just off the Calder Hwy – it has a lovely patchwork shop – had a very calm, serene feel to it.

Also discovered that Gisborne has no fewer than 5 Op Shops so collected a few treasures.


And speaking of treasures, I just happened to be chatting to a friend of my daughters and somehow the subject of paper ephemera came up (as it does), and he mentioned that he has quite a collection.  He was kind enough to lend me an album full of WW1 era postcards to a young woman called Gwen who lived in Fairfield Victoria.  Most of them were sent to her from her brother and a friend who were serving in France.

I have scanned all these at high resolution and will be printing them onto fabric when I get home.


Normal service is resumed

Hmm – it would seem there has been an unscheduled (and largely inexplicable) interruption to this blogging service.  Oh well, I’m back now.

My first year of retirement has just passed, and on the one hand, I don’t know where the time has gone – but OTOH, it has been a big adjustment.  As much as I planned, prepared for, anticipated and welcome retirement there is no escaping that it  is a major life change and it takes a while to adjust.  My biggest adjustment is having to manage my own time without the discipline of external influences to make me get things done in a certain timeframe.  I thrive on deadlines – the shorter the better – so when I don’t have any my time management skills are shot – in short – if I have all day to do something, that is how long it will take me!

Hmm, have some work to do to figure out how to manage that.

In the meantime, another major life event has occurred – the safe arrival of grandson #3.

Baby Max aged 6 days
Max Dowling Campbell aged 6 days

Here he is contemplating life on the quilt I made for his Mum when she was little.  Said Mum is clever photographer, Clare Metcalf.

Isn’t he deliciously cuddly looking?  Can’t wait for my first kisses and cuddles when we go to Melbourne in  couple of days.

Private viewing

One of the pleasures of living in a small town is that things get done a bit differently from the big smoke.  Take a simple thing like going to the movies.  Oddly, we hardly ever went to the movies when we lived in Canberra.  Down here there is a charming local cinema – you can see images and read about it here.

We get all the latest releases, just maybe a week or two behind the city cinemas.  On Monday we decided to go and see Men in Black 3 – yes, escapist nonsense, but now that we are retired, our time is our own, and we can do whatever we feel like, when we feel like it!  Alas that morning didn’t work out so well – there was one other couple waiting for the 10.30 session, but apparently, there was a technical glitch – the lady behind the counter kept telling us that ‘they are upstairs pressing buttons’.  “They” presumably were the technical gurus. She kept repeating this mantra, but alas, no amount of button pressing did the trick.  Never mind, we are retired now, so we can just come back another time.

So back we went today, to find a sign on the door that there had been a power failure and one of the two cinema screens was out of action.  We weren’t sure if that meant our movie wasn’t going to be shown, so we went in and a gentleman told us he thought things were now fixed, but they were just testing, and what movie did we want to see?

We told him MIB3, and he said, no worries, we need to test it, so we’ll put that on for you and you can tell us if everything is alright.  We went to purchase our tickets, but he said not to bother, until we were sure all was well – we could pay on the way out if everything was okay.  So we took our seats – just the two of us – and after a few minor technical glitches – including being shown a trailer for a movie which looked very blurry – someone popped in with glasses and said you need to put these on, its in 3D – we said no thanks, we don’t like 3D – so he said, no problem, I’ll pop up and put the 2D version on for you.

And he did.  And we watched the movie – just the two of us.  And we paid on the way out.  Now that wouldn’t happen in the city.