Thermofax screen service

“Thermo fax” machines were an early form of copier which used heat to transfer images onto heat sensitive paper. They have long been overtaken by more modern technology but the machines remain popular with artists. Using a modern plastic film produced by Riso, carbon based images are transferred onto the film which is then used like a silk screen to print the image onto the preferred substrate.

Reconditioned original machines are in high demand, and virtually impossible to find in Australia. In 2004, a German engineer named Guenther Panenka decided to produce a modern version of the thermal imager. You can read his story here

I use the A3 model to produce my images.

Thermal imaging is particularly suited to fine lines and designs with fine details.  Large solid areas of black do not work so well.

Check out my galleries for ideas on incorporating thermofax images in your work. I have an excellent range of ready made screens you can order in different sizes.  Or you can email me your image and I will produce a custom screen for you.


2 thoughts on “Thermofax screen service”

  1. Good morning Hilary Medcalf
    am I correct in thinking you are a dalmeny quilter?
    I am in yhe process of buying and moving to a new residence in port macquarie but when I settle my “feathers” thermofax screens have me interested.
    If not
    a Dalmeny quilter would still be interested in a reply
    Di Kelly

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