Ready made screen info

Ready made Thermofax screens


The images I use are either copyright free, or are my own images created from photographs, or within a graphic design program. If you purchase a screen with one of my images, you are free to use it however you wish.

Care and cleaning

While thermofax screens are an excellent substitute for traditional silk screens, they need to be treated much more gently. No robust scrubbing!

Clean up as soon as you are finished printing. NEVER let acrylic paints/screen printing inks dry on the screen, or it will be ruined. Thickened dye will wash out even after it has dried, but it is best to get into the habit of washing your screens as soon as you are finished. If you are working with a number of screens, have something like a kitty litter tray with water in it nearby and just drop your screen in there to prevent it drying out until you are finished printing. However, don’t leave the screens soaking in water for a long period – it will cause the mesh to start lifting from the plastic backing (how do I know? – I got called away at the end of a printing session and went off and left a tray of screens soaking in the sink for a week!)

Rinse off surface medium with cool water, then wipe with a soft cloth. Never scrub or use abrasives. Pat dry with an old bath towel, paying particular attention around the edges to remove any paint that has seeped under the frame/duct tape.  Some paints, particularly metallics may leave some staining.  This will not be a concern, providing the mesh is not clogged with paint.

Make sure the screens are thoroughly dry before storing out of direct sunlight/heat.

Understanding sizes

Frames come in four sizes (measurements in centimetres). The image cannot go right to the edges of the screen, or there will be nowhere to lay down the print medium and lift off the squeegee after printing. The ‘available image area’ is the maximum recommended area for an image for each of the screen sizes shown.



Available image area


9.5 x 12.5

7 x 10


12.5 x 20

10 x 18


20.5 x 26.5

18 x 23

Extra large

26.5 x 34

25 x 32

You can choose to just have the screen, without it being mounted in a frame. If you choose this option, you will need to reinforce the edges of the mesh with duct tape or similar. This works well for the small size, but I would recommend a frame for the larger sizes, especially if you are new to thermofax screen printing.  Alternatively, if you own a conventional silk screen, you can tape the mesh to the underside and screen print through that.


Prices include standard postage within Australia.


Mounted in frame











Extra Large



Please note I cannot send by Express Post, as Australia Post does not offer that service in my postcode.

Payment method

By cheque to:

Hilary Metcalf
30 Coastal Court

By direct deposit online or in person

Bank ANZ

BSB 012977

Account No. 264355753

Sending image

Email me at Thermofaxscreens [at] gmail [dot] com


Contact me and I will do my best to help.


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