Ready made screens gallery

Thermofax screen service – ready made screens.

I will be adding new screens on a regular basis, so please check back often.

Click on thumbnails to see full size image and details of sizes available.
Thermofax screen of lower case alphabet in grungy typewriter fontthermofax screen of lower case alphabet in old fashioned cursive scriptthermofax screen image of barbed wirethermofax screen image of a barcode thermofax screen image of chequerboardthermofax screen image of circlesthermofax screen image of coffee spillthermofax screen image of a crossthermofax screen image of a fingerprintthermofax screen image of a fleur-de-lys with inverted textthermofax screen image of handwriting thermofax screen image of three hash marksthermofax screen image of shoe prints thermofax screen image of a tape meaurethermofax screen image of old fashioned pocket watch


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